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Blue eyes White Draon by ZeroTheMaverick09 Blue eyes White Draon :iconzerothemaverick09:ZeroTheMaverick09 3 3 Yami Yugi by ZeroTheMaverick09 Yami Yugi :iconzerothemaverick09:ZeroTheMaverick09 4 5 Juel wolf form no. 1 sketches by ZeroTheMaverick09 Juel wolf form no. 1 sketches :iconzerothemaverick09:ZeroTheMaverick09 3 10 Demon by ZeroTheMaverick09 Demon :iconzerothemaverick09:ZeroTheMaverick09 5 4 It's  time to duel! by ZeroTheMaverick09 It's time to duel! :iconzerothemaverick09:ZeroTheMaverick09 5 9 Baby Snakeman by ZeroTheMaverick09 Baby Snakeman :iconzerothemaverick09:ZeroTheMaverick09 3 20 Anger by ZeroTheMaverick09 Anger :iconzerothemaverick09:ZeroTheMaverick09 1 15
The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Chpater 1

The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The wild
Chapter one: The awakening
Whats that sound…?
There it is again…
"Link! … Open your eyes!"
It was cold when I felt myself coming back to consuious.
I heard water quietly flowing away. I could fell that I was in the water. It wasn’t deep but my skin was cold because of the water. I opened my eyes slowly. They were heavy so I barely could open them. It was dark but I could still see where I was laying. I was laying in a cave. Why were I in a cave?
I didn’t know anythin what happened before. I stood up and touched the cold stone with my bare hands and feet. After looking around I saw a strange stone patern with something in it.
It had some sort of eye that was… crying?
As like it felt my presence, the stone made a click noise and it gave the mysterious pattern in it. After looking at it the voice in my head talk
:iconzerothemaverick09:ZeroTheMaverick09 0 0
Playing Stalker by ZeroTheMaverick09 Playing Stalker :iconzerothemaverick09:ZeroTheMaverick09 5 3 Leaving training with half control by ZeroTheMaverick09 Leaving training with half control :iconzerothemaverick09:ZeroTheMaverick09 4 0 Calling Pain by ZeroTheMaverick09 Calling Pain :iconzerothemaverick09:ZeroTheMaverick09 0 17 A night with nature by ZeroTheMaverick09 A night with nature :iconzerothemaverick09:ZeroTheMaverick09 3 9 Brothers by ZeroTheMaverick09 Brothers :iconzerothemaverick09:ZeroTheMaverick09 4 7 Don't get the wrong idea by ZeroTheMaverick09 Don't get the wrong idea :iconzerothemaverick09:ZeroTheMaverick09 6 15 Mega Absol by ZeroTheMaverick09 Mega Absol :iconzerothemaverick09:ZeroTheMaverick09 4 5 Absol by ZeroTheMaverick09 Absol :iconzerothemaverick09:ZeroTheMaverick09 2 81


Much Ado About a Wrench - Fudo Yusei x Reader
“__(f/n)__, give me the wrench back!!”
“You’re gonna have to catch me, Fudo!!”
Yusei had been peacefully working to adjust his duel runner…up until a few minutes ago that is. He hadn’t been working on it that long, just a couple of days, nothing major.
Apparently though, __(f/n)__ did not agree with it, since she had decided to sneak up on him, steal his wrench and proceed to run about the house with him on her heels.
He wouldn’t have cared as much, had it been one of the ones he didn’t need at that moment, but no, she just HAD to take the one he had in his hand…
“Seriously __(f/n)__, I need that back! I’m almost done!” he protested, still trying to catch his girlfriend as she jumped over sofas and chairs in order to avoid him.
“I don’t care do I?! I wanted you out of that shed, so why would I allow you to go back, less than 5 minutes after getting you out?! You would have died, had I let you stay
:icontheevilovelords:TheEvilOvelords 58 17
I know I'm a Wolf. (Werewolf!Reader X Seto Kaiba)
Listen while reading. I know I'm a wolf 
This was reqested by :iconNightmareMajora:
Seto ran as fast as he could away from the monster that was following him, while carrying his younger in his arms. The howls of the beast growing closer.
Blood oozed from the scratches on his arms and legs. And Mokuba's wound, seemed to slow in the bleeding.
He should have seen the signs, he should have seen the danger, he should have listen to you. But just as his stone heart began to crack open, he soon realized that he should have just walked away. But now, now he must run away from the very person he came to love.   

Dear rabbit, my legs are getting weak, chasing you. The snow fields wouldn't seem so big, if you knew.

A burr of black, passes bushes and trees, as each step pounded hard onto the cold ground of the night. The only thing that Seto could see behind
:iconcatlover12348:catlover12348 32 14
yami yugi / atem x reader : I hate toasters
'What is this thing?' Atem asked curiously , staring at the shining metal creation on the dark marble counter before him.
'It's a toaster' chuckled (y/n) who was sitting behind him at the table , shamelessly sketching his muscular ,leather clad figure , making sure to express the way the leather trousers clutched his backside.
'Toaster...toa-ster.' Mumbled Atem , rolling the word around in his mouth. 'Cool. What does it do?'
'It toasts stuff.' Replied (y/n) her (e/c) orbs softly gazing towards her boyfriend.
'Oh.' Replied the tri-colour haired male, glancing at the girl, before focussing his attention back on this "toaster". 'Is that why you put bread in it? To toast it?'
Atem turned back to her , his amethyst pools twinkling with curiosity and excitement. 'And how does it "toast" them?'
(Y/n) chuckled once more , before explaining 'There are rings inside it that heat up , therefore heating the bread as well, but becareful , it's -' too late, Atem poked the toaster , before curs
:iconameliasketches:Ameliasketches 28 40
~The Sands Of Time~Yami Yugi/Pharaoh Atem's Ending

Key: (S/C)= Skin Colour, (E/C)= Eye Colour, (H/C)= Hair Colour.
(Normal P.O.V)

As (Y/N) became accustomed to the light once again, she now stood in front of seven doors; each of which had an anime title (or relative image) on them. They were as follows; Yu-Gi-Oh!, Vampire Knight, Pokémon, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), Hetalia, Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack On Titan) and Naruto (Shippuden). You sigh irritably; having to choose between some of your favourite anime has definitely proven difficult for you. Not wasting any time though, (Y/N) mentally sorts out the pro's and con's of each anime universe (a/n: you're smart reader-chan!); she then nods slightly to herself after about half an hour. (Y/N) has made up her mind, and she goes up to the door that she has decided to enter; willing to embrace her fate no matter where in that universe she ends up. Her hand grips and t
:iconxxcazzaxx:XxCazzaxX 23 3
~One Dream~ Various Anime Boys x Reader ~Intro~

It's finally here!~ I have put all my blood, sweat and tears into this masterpiece, and I hope that you will love it dearies! (IMAGE ISN'T MINE- credit goes to original creator).

 (The Italics in bold are the narration, and the normal Italics are your thoughts and are also an emphasis on some words).
(Y/N) = Your Name
(L/F/S)= Least Favourite Subject (at school)
(Y/T/N)= your Teacher/Lecturer's Name
(A/B/N)= Anime Boy's Name
(F/A)= Favourite Anime
(Your P.O.V.)
It was just the usual routine for (Y/N); waking up, getting dressed, having breakfast, going to school (or college) and coming home. However, today seemed a bit... off to say the least. 

'Let's see; first off I wasn't picked up, and then I kept seeing this strange shadow following me wherever I went. Just what in the world is going on? I seriously need to get home to finish my (L/F/S) assignmen
:iconxxcazzaxx:XxCazzaxX 18 8
:Duel Me: Abridged! Yami Bakura x Reader
Duel Me!”
Abridged! Yami Bakura x Reader
“Oi!” You yelled from across the street, pointing your finger accusingly at the white haired man. He didn't seem to hear you, and if he did, he didn't reply or show any sign of recognition. You growled under your breath, feeling heated rage form being ignored.
“Hey, you! White-haired limey! Answer me!” That's when he turned around with his eye-brow twitching and a scowl marrying his masculine face. “What do you want? Bastard.” He asked in a strained voice. Almost seething in angry and what you believed to be hatred. Good, feel the burning hate. Give into the darkness.
You smirked in turn, you placed your hand on your waist, leaning most of your weight to your left. “I wanna duel you. You in?” You asked confidently. You then waited for his reply. “Now why would you think I would want to duel you?” The white-haired man asked, curiosity leaki
:iconjessie1209:Jessie1209 108 15
How Dare you! Kaiba x reader.
The first time you met Seto Kaiba his impression was bad. You were in a hurry and running to class you were going to be late! When you ran into a wall. You fell to the ground all of your books and items crashing to the ground around you. He looked down at you with utter contempt.
                “humph, get out of the way.” He didn’t say anything else, he didn’t need to. you were already seething as he walked away. You ran after him, there was no way he was going to get away with treating you like that! You got into front of him glaring into his eyes.
                “who the hell do you think you are? I don’t care if you’re some fancy CEO at your age that doesn’t give the right to treat others like that!”
:iconmokaevans-yamimoka:mokaevans-yamimoka 100 8
Commission - Sarah by Schoyhan Commission - Sarah :iconschoyhan:Schoyhan 6 0 Practice sketch 2 by wing-maiden Practice sketch 2 :iconwing-maiden:wing-maiden 52 3 Commission: Kai Model PM-Kai by SaitoKun-EXE Commission: Kai Model PM-Kai :iconsaitokun-exe:SaitoKun-EXE 123 48
Hacker Alert!!!!
Guys this hacker is for real! This he/she will hack your account and post pornographic pictures, only if the he/she hacks your account.  If he/she finds that you've posted this to a journal or on your page, he'll/she'll know what's going on and won't hack you. Please copy this for your safety to prevent your account being hacked.
The hacker does vital region pictures around in the account page and writes in journals: "I hate you all, go die" And he/she will also remove all your watches. If this happens to me, then you know that it isn't me. I write this journal to warn everyone here. I suggest you copy this journal and warn your watchers as well. I think the hackers will not have more fun with hacking you if you and your watchers already know what could happen. You might get this message multiple times from multiple people of your watch list, but it's better than not getting it. Spread the word! This hacker is going around and hacking into other people's accounts to block your fri
:icongaming-fairy:Gaming-Fairy 1 8
Yandere!Neko!Sasuke x Reader
"[Name]-senpai! [Name]-senpai!", a little voice called out, hearing footsteps run to towards you. You perked your head up from sharpening your kunai, as your [Eye Color] eyes landed on a 7 year old, neko, Sasuke run towards you. You gave a warm smile and did a slight wave.
You, [Name][L/Name], was technically the local Uchiha babysitter.  The little boy ran up to you, a nice grin plastered on his face as he held a baby turtle in his hands. The turtle was confused about where he was and was nibbling on his ( Sasuke's ) index finger.
"I see you found a turtle..I think it likes you, honestly", you said with a laugh. A small blush went across Sasuke's cheeks as he averted his onyx eyes.
"Before I actually brought the turtle to you, I saw the mommy turtle trying to guard her babies by leading them into the lake..why?"
You tilted your head slightly as the neko sat beside you, while the turtle somehow crawled on his tail and nibbled on it softly.
"What do you mean?"
:iconwintershy7690:Wintershy7690 5 1
Yandere!Itachi x Male!Reader
boy with ( H/C ) had been watched by a pair of swirling red eyes. His name was ( F/N ) ( L/N ), he was a kind person who rarely did anything wrong. But a certain Akatsuki member had been watching over him, Uchiha Itachi. From time to time, he disguise himself as a few crows, watching him from above.
One day, (M/N) noticed this but with a few more steps he threw several shurikens towards the crows. He missed but with several more crows flying around him he was suddenly trapped inside a genjutsu.
(M/N)'s (E/C) eyes came face to face with a pair of Sharingan eyes.
"Itachi Uchiha.. what do you, out of all people, want from me?", he asked.
Itachi's Sharingan spun before answering.
"You should know. I don't take things like this unlikely", he said, calmly.  ( M/N ) shook his head, then took out his tanto, as he charged towards him with great speed.
The Uchiha chuckles, lowly. "Have you forgotten that this is my genjutsu?"
With those words, the ( L/N ) flew back onto a board for which he
:iconwintershy7690:Wintershy7690 4 7
Shadow Omega by CyberBeastWarrior Shadow Omega :iconcyberbeastwarrior:CyberBeastWarrior 47 1 Evangelyne: Model OX-K by CyberBeastWarrior Evangelyne: Model OX-K :iconcyberbeastwarrior:CyberBeastWarrior 65 12 Model OX-K: Awakened O.I.S. by CyberBeastWarrior Model OX-K: Awakened O.I.S. :iconcyberbeastwarrior:CyberBeastWarrior 61 15



Blue eyes White Draon
*Ahem* I CALL ON BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON!!Kaiba Laughing Blue-Eyes--destroy-them-all 

Heheh. So. Here is my first Blue Eyes White Dragon for ya. It took me more than two hours of drawing and editing it. But at least I did it!! Yay!!

Blue Eyes White Dragon belongs to Kazuki Takahashi.
You know what's my favorite part of the Yugioh abridged series? Episode 25. Here, I'll show you why.
Yugi: Okay, Pharaoh, you can thank me later. And remember, no hickeys! (switches to Yami)

I decided to take some drawing requests! 
Now gimme all you got!!!
Yami Yugi -- Open Your Mind 
Yami Yugi
I have no comment... yugioh Yami evil smirk 

Yami Yugi belongs to Kazuki Takahashi


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Maria Julia de Almeida
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I draw a lot of Megaman stuff and I love taking requests from you guys. I also write fanfics and do Roleplaying. I also love playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Plus, I'm a bit Bendy and the Unk machine addicted... ! ^^;Have a nice day!! ;)


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